Actor, writer and director Jon Favreau has found his next directorial project: 'Jersey Boys.' Don't worry, it's not about those Jersey boys -- the ones that hang out at a particular Shore. This one is based on the Broadway smash 'Jersey Boys: The Story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.'

Variety's Showblitz blog reports that Favreau has signed on to helm a big screen adaptation of the hit show, which will be his first directorial job after starring in three different upcoming films: 'People Like Us,' 'Iron Man 3,' and 'Identity Thief.'

'Jersey Boys' has been played over 200 shows since its debut in 2005, and tells the story of musician Frankie Valli, his band The Four Seasons, and their rise to fame. The musical is broken into four parts, with each part representing a different season, and each season assigned to a different member of the group -- and they all have a different view of their group and how their contributions shaped their success.

There's no word yet on how faithful an adaptation this will be of the original show, but we imagine Favreau will want to stick pretty closely to the seasonal structure that made the show such a hit.

How this impacts Favreau's planned Disney adventure film 'Magic Kingdom' remains to be seen. It could be dead altogether or simply on the backburner.