What could possibly be better than ‘Superbad’ and ‘Adventureland’ director Greg Motolla casting ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ curmudgeon Larry David in a partially-improvised comedy? How about Motolla adding the great Jon Hamm to the mix, as well?

Though Hamm is largely pegged as a dramatic performer thanks to his slow-burn turn on AMC’s ‘Mad Men,’ the dude’s an extremely gifted comedian as well, and fights at every opportunity to prove it. His guest spots on ‘30 Rock’ and ‘SNL,’ as well as his scene-stealing performance as a complete jerk in ‘Bridesmaids,’ consistently remind us that Hamm is drop-dead funny, so it’s great news that more directors are exploiting that side of his acting range.

The gossip site Showbiz411 (via The Playlist) breaks the news that Hamm will join David in an as-yet-untitled comedy set to be distributed by Fox Searchlight. The film, which will shoot this fall, casts David as a Larry David-type character who gets into similarly awkward social situations as the ones we see on ‘Curb.’ Showbiz411 says Hamm will play David’s nemesis in the fluid plot.

Hamm will shoot the comedy while on hiatus from ‘Mad Men.’ It’s possible that David could go back to HBO and do another season of ‘Curb,’ as well. Though if he just wants to take his brand of comedy to the big screen and work it out with amazing guest collaborators like Hamm, that’s fine by us, as well.

We’ll keep you posted on additional casting for Motolla’s latest. But even if it’s just David and Hamm, we’re in.