As the ’90s increasingly stop being yesterday and start transforming into “back in the day,” nostalgia for the decade continues to grow. Thankfully, Jon M. Chu is here to remind you that yes, the time of your youth was definitely the best time of them all. His latest film sounds built from the ground up to send you into fitful-but-pleasurable flashbacks. It’s a high-school dance movie titled ‘Can’t Touch This.’

The news comes from Deadline, who report that Chu has sold that project to Focus Features and that ‘Community’ and ‘Happy Endings’ writers Annie Mebane and Steve Basilon are on board to write the screenplay. However, Chu himself isn’t planning to direct the film (at least not at this point).

If Chu’s name sounds familiar, you’re probably the only fan of the instantly forgettable ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ or you’ve seen his actual masterpieces, ‘Step Up 2: The Streets’ and ‘Step Up 3D.’ Okay, “masterpiece” may be a strong word for either of those movies, but as far as nutty, well-made movies about attractive and talented people dancing extremely well in-between bouts of soap-operatic drama go, they’re top of the line. ‘Can’t Touch This’ offers Chu’s troupe of dancers the chance to stop pretending they’re absurdly flexible/athletic high-school students in the ’00s and offers them a chance to pretend that they’re absurdly flexible/athletic high school students in the ’90. Naturally, each of these 17-year-olds-who-look-like-they’re-30 will be a master of the era’s dance moves. And it’ll probably be in 3D. And it’ll probably be awesome.

Of course, the surefire awesomeness depends on whether or not Chu actually steps behind the camera. He’s a busy man, having just wrapped ‘Jem and the Holograms’ and set to begin filming ‘Now You See Me 2’ soon. Chu may have ventured outside of the dance genre to try some new things and learn very valuable life lessons (like how to make a movie about characters based on action figures), but he’d be welcomed back with open arms in the world of electric boogaloo. C’mon, Mr. Chu. Make this movie not for yourself, but for all of those ’90s kids who want to show them modern young’uns a thing or two about how real cool kids used to bust a move back in the day.

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