Josh Brolin knows what's up. The current star of 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' makes no bones about where he got his start (and the feature that he might still be best known for): Richard Donner's kids cult classic, 'The Goonies.' Rumors of a 'Goonies' sequel have abounded for years -- the last we heard, it was definitely in the works -- but it doesn't matter when (or if) the film actually happens, because Brolin will turn up for the gig with no questions asked.

The actor hit 'The Tonight Show' last night to chat up his latest film and celebrate thirty years of 'Goonies,' which obviously involved lovingly holding VHS tapes and sporting red bandanas with host Jimmy Fallon, who appears to be auditioning for his own role in the sequel. Hey, Goonies never say die (and neither do sequel rumors).

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