Actress Joy Bryant is about to let the hilarity ensue as she signs onto the upcoming romantic comedy 'About Last Night.' If the title sounds familiar that's because it should - it is a remake after all.

The actress, better known for her recent role in the hit television series 'Parenthood,' is joining the cast that includes Regina King, Kevin Hart and Michael Ealy. She signs on to play the female lead in the film to be directed by Steve Pink ('Hot Tub Time Machine'). The role was originally offered to Zoe Saldana but she passed on the part, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Like we mentioned earlier, 'About Last Night' is a remake from a movie of the same name released in the eighties starring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore. Both of the pictures are based off the play 'Sexual Perversity in Chicago' written by David Mamet. The story centers on two people who end up in a relationship that immediately gets complicated due to their friends' interference. No word yet on when they expect to begin filming.

You can see Joy Bryant in the upcoming action comedy 'Hit and Run,' due out in theaters this August 22nd.