Move aside, Gone With the Wind. Fight’s over, The Avengers. Go back to Hogwarts, Harry Potter. There’s a new #3 movie of all time, and it’s the Indominus-fighting, leather-vest wearing, raptor-training, intelligence-insulting Jurassic World

Via Variety, the latest (and biggest) Jurassic Park sequel has now made $1.52 billion worldwide, pushing it past The Avengers on the list of the biggest hits ever. You may have Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America, Marvel, but you don’t have a Tyrannosaurus fighting a genetically-engineered super-dinosaur, or Chris Pratt’s handsomely tousled hair (okay, so you do have Chris Pratt’s handsomely tousled hair, just not in The Avengers.) Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World has made over $614 million in the United States alone; it’s just the fourth film to accomplish that impressive feat.

At this point, the only hits bigger than Jurassic World are two James Cameron jams; the world-conquering Titanic ($2.18 billion), and the galaxy-conquering Avatar ($2.79 billion). It’s a pretty staggering rebound for a franchise that was mostly written off for dead a decade ago after Jurassic Park III (which was basically a glorified exploitation movie), directed by a guy in Trevorrow who had just a single indie comedy under his belt. These are beginnings so humble that would make a mosquito encased in amber blush.

It seems unlikely that Jurassic World will pass Cameron’s movies to move into first or second place all time, but the bronze medal is nothing to sneeze at in this case. So congrats to everyone involved in Jurassic World. We eagerly look forward to Jurassic Universe, where Star-Lord finds a planet of raptors who hold one of the mighty Infinity Stones. Should be epic!

Also: Inflation? What’s inflation? Sorry, not familiar with the concept. Go talk to one of those guys who knows ecomanomics or whatever.