We don’t know much about some of the supporting characters in ‘Jurassic World,’ like Vincent D’Onofrio’s character, for instance. A new viral video from the film’s official site for its private security firm sheds a little light on the subject, introducing us to D’Onofrio’s character and just what it is that this security firm does. If that’s not enough ‘Jurassic World’ news for you, Hasbro has unveiled new photos of the official toys for the movie, which seem to indicate the possibility of a second hybrid dinosaur. Oh my!

The above video comes from the Masrani Global site, an offshoot of the official ‘Jurassic World’ interactive site. Masrani Global is the private security company hired by InGen (the makers of Jurassic Park, which is now officially called Jurassic World) to develop not just solutions for handling possible…problems…at the park and resort, but also for addressing international concerns—whatever those international concerns could possibly be. Think of Masrani Global like the film’s version of something like Blackwater, a security firm that can be contracted by both the government and corporate institutions.

D’Onofrio doesn’t speak in the video, but we do see his Vic Hoskins character at work at the dangerous island park. Speaking of danger, we already knew about InGen’s tinkering with genetics to create the hybrid dinosaur known as Indominus Rex, which wreaks havoc throughout the park in the film. But JurassicWorld.org (via Comic Book Movie) has revealed new official photos of the Hasbro toys based on ‘Jurassic World,’ and while most of them are typical (like T-Rex), there’s one curiosity:


Yes, that’s a Stegoceratops, which appears to be a hybrid between a Stegosaurus and a Triceratops. Maybe InGen’s scientists created a preliminary hybrid that wasn’t as threatening as Indominus Rex? Maybe! Or maybe it’s just an awesome toy based on the hybrid concept from the film.

We’ll find out soon enough when ‘Jurassic World’ hits theaters on June 12.