The popular thought on the 'Justice League' movie being planned at Warner Bros. was that the studio would structure it much like how Marvel went about building 'The Avengers.' Introduce the characters through standalone films, then combine them for one super superhero film. But perhaps that's not how Warner Bros. is planning 'Justice League' after all. According to one report, the 'Justice League' movie could have nothing to do with 'Man of Steel' or the planned 'Batman' reboot.

According to Batman-on-Film, the script that's currently being produced at Warner Bros. would take place in its own universe, completely separate from 'Man of Steel' or 'Green Lantern' or the upcoming 'Dark Knight' reboot. It would even feature completely different actors. Says their source, "It's being produced as if NOTHING else exists."

And this is...interesting. On the one hand, it's probably smart to get a 'Justice League' movie happening sooner, rather than later. And waiting for a complete Batman reboot plus the introduction of other characters like Wonder Woman could take years and years; years Warner Bros. doesn't want to have to wait. But on the other hand, doesn't this run the risk of potentially confusing and alienating movie fans, especially if they continue sequelizing current superhero properties. "Wait, is this the Superman with Henry Cavill or the one with that other guy?..."

Marvel's 'The Avengers' worked because they took their time with it. There was five years between when 'Iron Man' and 'The Avengers' hit theaters. Warner Bros. and DC Comics are in a rush to play superhero catch up but they need to be patient and take their time to do this the right way, because you only get one chance.