It’s finally spring, or at least according to the calendars we’re three days into spring despite what the weather is telling us. And what do we all want to do when the seasons finally turn warm? Take a tip in the ocean, of course. That’s probably what’s on Aquaman’s mind in the new footage Warner Bros. dropped on TV this week to tease the upcoming Justice League trailer.

Okay maybe that’s not what’s on his mind, but that’s the best context I can provide for the very brief 15 seconds of new footage. In the Aquaman-centric teaser we see Jason Momoa’s King of Atlantis, shirtless of course, stepping into a wall of water. Ben Affleck’s Batman tosses Aquaman his trident, and then we get a look at the whole Justice League gang as The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg strike a pose for the camera alongside Aquaman and the Dark Knight. It ain’t much, but you’ll only have to wait two more days to see what else Zack Snyder has been keeping locked up.

Snyder previously teased more footage of his trident-wielding superhero gliding through the sea like some kind of angelic fish. The footage looked pretty good, and with an added burst of color (thank the coral reefs!) that wasn’t seen in Batman v Superman. Stay tuned for our analysis of the new trailer when it drops this weekend. Justice League hits theaters November 17. In the meantime, here’s the film’s new poster:

Justice League poster

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