Jane Lipsitz and Dan Cutforth -- otherwise known as production company Magical Elves -- are in talks to make their directorial debut with the Katy Perry 3D concert documentary.

If the above photo is any indication, Perry's concerts are filled with some sort of bizarre, sexual innuendo-infused, David Lynchian nightmare logic.

THR reports  that Craig Brewer (last year's 'Footloose' remake) is on board to produce the doc, which will be part stage show, part behind the scenes, intimate documentary. Of course, with words like "intimate," "3D," and "Katy Perry" in the same sentence, we don't imagine it'll be difficult for this film to make serious bank. The Elves are already familiar with the concert doc business, having produced last year's Justin Bieber flick, 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.'

Magical Elves are known best for their work in reality TV, producing shows like 'Top Chef' and 'Project Runway,' but for those curious: No, they do not make the shoes on 'Project Runway.' Tim Gunn does that when Heidi Klum locks him in the basement at the end of production each day. Have you seen his pale skin? Fine porcelain like that comes from years of basement living.