A lot of people are probably going to groan and get dramatic over the news that Ben Stiller has cast Justin Bieber in Zoolander 2. After all, there are few celebrities who inspire such loathing and to be fair, he is one of the few celebrities who actually deserves that amount of loathing. Let’s be honest with ourselves here, though: no one is more ready-made for the insane world of dim-witted male model Derek Zoolander than Bieber.

Although Bieber teased the project on Facebook a few days ago, the actual reveal came on Stiller’s Instagram page, where he posed for a hilariously stoic photograph with the pop star/teen idol/history’s greatest monster:

Bieber doesn’t have to try very hard to match that blank-but-overdramatic Zoolander stare. He lives that stare every day of his life.

The details of Bieber’s role (which will presumably be a cameo) are unknown, but we imagine it will similar to the bit in the first film where David Bowie showed up long enough for everyone to say “Hey! It’s David Bowie!” before he vanished. We can easily imagine Zoolander and Bieber challenging each other to a “walk-off” and attempting to out-strut one another, much like Stiller and co-star Owen Wilson did in the first film. That actually sounds like the best possible use of Bieber’s specific skill set. He surely can’t be trusted with too much dialogue.

Zoolander 2, which also stars Penelope Cruz and Fred Armisen, arrives in theaters on February 12, 2016.