We still don’t know who will take the stage alongside Star Wars baddie and Girls star Adam Driver when SNL returns in 2016, but Season 41 has a belated Christmas gift to offer. Series star Kyle Mooney gets yet another cut sketch, awkwardly interviewing Justin Bieber fans in line for a performance.

SNL released another sketch excised for time from the 41st season, this one seemingly meant to air much earlier, having been taped with Mooney interviewing Justin Bieber fans in line for a September Today Show performance. Mooney’s awkward interviewer has appeared a few times previously, cut from the SNL 40th Anniversary special, but later visiting the circus in March.

That’s almost certainly all the SNL we’ll have until next month, while we wait for Driver’s 2016 debut. In the meantime, check out the cut-for-time bit above, along with the Top SNL Sketches of 2015, and count down the days until SNL returns to brighten our weekends.

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