Keanu Reeves has been a busy man lately. He recently wrapped up work on his new feature '47 Ronin,' about a band of samurai out to defend their master's honor, and now making his directorial debut with 'Man of Tai Chi,' which, judging from the video he posted, looks to be pretty epic.

Staying in the world of martial arts, Keanu Reeves is moving from the hard style of Japanese fighting to the more fluid world of Chinese martial arts with 'Man of Tai Chi.' The film stars Tiger Chen, who worked on the stunt team in the Matrix movies, as the good guy with Reeves playing the villain.

Reeves recently posted a video showing off the unique camera style he's going to be using for the fight scenes in the film. Camera angles that he says will let you see the fights in a way they've never been seen before. It's a rather unique camera system, one that actually seems to flow just as smooth as the martial artists its tracking.

Collider has the video, which is really interesting to watch for fans of martial arts films. Plus the fighting itself looks pretty awesome. It's nice to see Reeves is so committed to bringing back the incredible world of kung-fu movies. And according to Reeves, this movie will have a lot of kung-fu in it:

“There’s 18 fights. We’ve timed it out. It’s about 40 minutes of fighting. I want to make a good, solid kung fu movie. Good story, good plot—but let’s get some good kung fu going!”

No argument from us. The more fight scenes the better. Take a look at the cool camera system he's using in the video below.

There's also another video showing more of the Bot & Dolly system.