Actor and writer Ken Marino ('Wet Hot American Summer') has a new web series on Yahoo! titled 'Burning Love.' The series is a spoof on the long-running dating show 'The Bachelor,' and we've got a look at the hilarious first episode.

Executive produced by Ben Stiller, the show features Marino as a bachelor weeding through a group of ladies to find love. Among them are Kristen Bell, Malin Akerman, and Ken Jeong in drag. The faux show is hosted by Marino's fellow 'State' alum Michael Ian Black, who perfectly delivers as a smarmy reality show host. Bell plays the token Christian woman, while Akerman plays a homeless lady excited for the opportunity to take a hot shower, an exaggerated play on the women who go on these shows for the amenities.

'Burning Love' has a fantastic supporting cast and is filled with over-the-top comedy, riffing on the specific types one might find on one of these horrible dating shows. One of the better running gags is the use of an older woman who may or may not be slipping into something resembling senility.

The first episode is embedded below, featuring a brief cameo by Stiller and wife Christine Taylor as the previous season's bachelor and winning contestant, respectively. In the first episode we're introduced to the diverse group of women vying for Marino's affections, including one who refuses to remove a giant panda costume (hint: it's an awesome surprise cameo, revealed later).