Let's be honest: 1989's 'Kickboxer' is something of an action classic. OK, it's not up there with 'Terminator 2,' 'Aliens' or 'Die Hard' but it's right up there with 'Bloodsport,' 'First Blood,' 'The Blood of Heroes' and other blood-related films. It's Jean-Claude Van Damme at his (arguable) best, kicking a lot of people. So who wants to bother with all that exposition? Let's just have the kicking!

Because this is the internet and we're used to having a) everything we want, and b) crazy internet videos, you can now watch 'Kickboxer' edited down to nothing but the kicking.

Of course when you distill 'Kickboxer' to nothing but the kicks, you get a kick-ass video but you also miss out on 'Kickboxer' gems like Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the goofiest dance since Elaine Benes. Such is the price to pay for almost five straight minutes of kicking.

You know you want it and the internet is here to provide it to you: