Our love for cosplay, especially movie- and TV-based cosplay, is no secret. Cosplayers come in all different forms ranging from experience level and...size. Some of our favorite pieces of cosplay, like the Staypuft Marshmallow and baby Chun-Li, have come from kids who have awesomely inventive parents.

Since we've already honored the grownups (and even pugs) for their incredible cosplay skills, it's now time to turn the spotlight on some of the best examples of kiddie cosplay out there. And be sure to check out more cosplay here.

  • Why So Serious?

  • Best Buds

  • Like 'Clockwork'

  • Phone Home, Little One

  • Top Dogs

    Click over to TheFW to watch the home video of these two.

  • Best Friends Forever

    Click on over to TheFW for more pics.

  • Hello, Clarice!

  • Watch Out For These Two

  • Ain't Afraid a No Demons

  • Up, Up and a Away

  • An Uncanny Resemblance

  • Smokin' Six Packs a Day

  • At Least Dad's Happy

  • Puts the Pot-Heads to Shame

  • Scarier in Mini Form

  • Cuter in Mini Form

  • Luckiest Kid Ever

  • Can't Forget the Tutu

  • Baby Chun-Li!

  • He's a War Machine

  • Up for an Adventure?

  • What Time Is It?

  • A Friendly Skeleton

  • Let the 'Hunger Games' Begin

  • Baby Boba