Once upon a time, an action film starring John Travolta and Robert De Niro would have had us interested, but the trailer for 'Killing Season' only makes it painfully clear that these two have strayed far outside their prime. Sure, there's undoubtedly going to be some B-movie pleasure in watching these two guys kick the crap out of each other for two hours, but it'll all be tinged with a little sadness.

Complete with a voiceover that would make the '80s cry, the 'Killing Season' trailer is pretty awful. De Niro plays a retired and reclusive American soldier who crosses paths with a Serbian man (Travolta) that he wronged many years earlier. One thing leads to another and soon the two men are stalking each other through the woods, setting traps and getting into all kinds of awkward fist fights.

De Niro doesn't have the physique to make any of this look plausible at his age (he's no Liam Neeson), and Travolta's facial hair is so silly and his accent so bad that he already looks impossible to take seriously. It all comes to a head with "from the director of 'Ghost Rider' and 'Daredevil,'" which all but screams "DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE!"

'Killing Season' hits VOD and limited release on July 12, if you want to subject yourself to it.