It may still be a long while yet before Eli Roth’s cannibal horror flick ‘The Green Inferno’ is finally released (we saw it at Fantastic Fest back in 2013 and really enjoyed it), but there’s a new Roth film on the horizon: ‘Knock Knock,’ starring Keanu Reeves as a doting husband and father who gets in over his head when two beautiful young women come to his door. The film just premiered at Sundance last night, where it’s already garnering some mixed reviews (as all Roth films do), and though it has no official U.S. release date just yet, you can watch the first teaser right now.

Roth posted the 30-second teaser to his Facebook page, and while it doesn’t show much, it does allude to some seriously disturbing behavior to come. Reeves plays Evan Webber, a man whose family is away for the weekend when two young ladies arrive at his door in the rain. He does the proper thing and lets them in, but—to be expected in a Roth film—things quickly take a turn for the unnerving. As you can spot briefly in the teaser, it looks like Mr. Webber is successfully seduced by his new houseguests, played by ‘Green Inferno’ star Lorena Izzo and newcomer Ana de Armas.

Here’s the official synopsis from Sundance for ‘Knock Knock’:

Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves) is living the dream. Just look at his beautiful, successful wife, his two wonderful kids, and his truly stunning house—which he designed himself. Of course he did. Things are going so well, Evan doesn’t even mind spending Father’s Day alone while the rest of his family heads out for a beach weekend. And then there’s a knock on the door.

The two young women (Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas) standing on Evan’s doorstep are where Evan’s dream takes a nightmarish turn. Given co-writer/director Eli Roth’s well-deserved reputation for creating cinematic discomfort, it should come as no surprise what happens next: Things get weird, and then dark, and then much, much, much darker. But this is no splatter film, so Roth keeps the horror nice and psychological as Evan’s life—and house—get ripped apart, piece by beautiful piece.

Early word from critics has been a bit underwhelming for Roth’s latest, but come on—like you aren’t going to see a new film from Eli Roth starring Keanu Friggin’ Reeves.