Ah road trips, those things that always end up exposing the deepest wounds and unspoken constraints of a relationship. Truth is, if you sit long enough in a car with anyone, you’ll end up having to talk about your issues. For Jason Sudekis, Kodachrome is his chance to iron out the kinks with his estranged father.

Sudeikis, further exploring his dramatic range, plays Matt in Netflix’s Kodachrome, a guy who reluctantly goes on a road trip with his dying father, Benjamin (Ed Harris). A famous photographer, Benjamin is trekking across the country to Kansas to the only place left in the world that processes Kodachrome film. The first trailer follows Matt unpacking his daddy issues – you know, the usual ‘work-obsessed dad who didn’t care much about his kid’ type stuff – and opening up to Benjamin’s nurse Zooey (Elizabeth Olsen), because all sad dudes need a pretty woman to be vulnerable with. Hopefully, Olsen gets more to do here than be a lover interest or supportive shoulder to cry on.

The film, from Mark Raso, debuted at last year’s Toronto Film Festival to mixed-to-positive reviews. ScreenCrush’s own Matt Singer saw it and had good things to say about Harris and Sudeikis’ performances. Based on the trailer, Kodachrome looks pretty okay, if a bit trite, and perhaps it’ll be one of Netflix’s few not-terrible original movies. One can only hope. Kodachrome hits select theaters and Netflix on April 20.

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