Following the tear-stained farewell to Kristen Wiig this past weekend on 'SNL,' the Foo Fighters (who joined musical guest Mick Jagger for a performance on the show) took the stage with several of the series' stars for one hell of an after party.

Kristen Wiig and her friendly co-stars Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg joined the Foo Fighters for a rendition of Joan Jett's hit "I Love Rock and Roll." Wiig takes the lead while the gents provide back-up, and it's equal parts goofy, sweet, and just plain awesome.

Amy Poehler also joined the band on stage at one point for a fierce cover of "Bad Reputation" another Joan Jett classic.

Below you can check out the video of Wiig, Sudeikis, and Samberg on stage with the Foo Fighters at the party, which took place late Saturday night outside 30 Rock at Rockefeller Plaza (?!). The 'SNL' farewell to Wiig caused a lot of tears, but this farewell definitely dried everyone's eyes and put big, silly smiles on their faces.