There’s a photo going around the internet delighting fans of Guardians of the Galaxy, Kurt Russell, and/or optical illusions of all kinds. In the photo, posted by Twitter user @jamiesmart, Russell naps while co-stars Zoe Saldana and Chris Pratt browse through their phones. Seems innocuous enough. But if you look closer, you can see Russell’s teeny tiny personal hairdresser sitting on his shoulder.

No, seriously. Look:

The picture was taken is such a way that makes it look as if one of the crew members standing behind them is actually a ten-inch-tall Christmas elf fiddling with Russell’s Touch of Gray locks. It’s the perfect optical illusion, and works even better since pretty much everyone agrees that the world would be a better place if Kurt Russell actually did have a little hairdresser elf:

The photo was posted by director James Gunn a few months ago, but @jamiesmart was apparently the first one to go viral with this charming optical illusion. If only we all had tiny hairdressers to make us look as coiffed as Ego the Living Planet. Maybe that’ll be something Gunn puts into the next Guardians movie.

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