It’s a good week for animated dogs. Wes Anderson’s pup-tastic Isle of Dogs hits theaters this week and now a remake of a classic canine romance has found its director. Lady and the Tramp is getting the live-action treatment from The LEGO Ninjago Movie director Charlie Bean.

Before you start imagining dogs slurping up spaghetti IRL, let me crush your dreams and stop you right there; the remake of the 1955 original will be a live-action/CG hybrid, presumably in the same vein as 2016’s The Jungle Book. Producer Brigham Taylor, who worked on The Jungle Book remake and the upcoming live-action Christopher Robin for the studio, will also work on Lady and Tramp’s live-action debut, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It is a bummer though that the studio continues to bring on white male talent to helm their new projects – hey Disney, Ava DuVernay and Ryan Coogler aren’t the only talented filmmakers of color.

Most interestingly, the new film won’t be heading to theaters. The remake is said to debut exclusively on Disney’s upcoming streaming service. That’s less of a concern for the quality of this project and more of a sign that the studio ain’t messing around with their new service, and the extent to which it could change the ever-evolving distribution industry. Netflix and Amazon won’t be the only big names releasing high-profile projects exclusively online. We already know Disney’s digital service, set to launch next year, will be the exclusive home to another Muppets reboot and multiple Star Wars TV series, one from Jon Favreau who’s also working on his live-action Lion King. Better start saving up for your hundredth streaming service subscription.

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