Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac had one of the best marketing campaigns in ages, or at least the most attention-grabbing. Who could forget those posters with each naked cast member showing off their O-face? Truly chefs-kiss-emoji level stuff. The controversial Danish director is back with a new set of posters for his next and already-divisive movie, and they’re sure to upset and intrigue audiences in equal measure.

The House that Jack Built stars Matt Dillon as a serial killer named Jack who does some really effed-up stuff. Sure, all serial killer stories are disturbing, but in von Trier’s film he takes the violence to some jaw-dropping, horrific extremes, and it involves women, kids, and animals. Fun! But again, what do you expect from a filmmaker who wants to piss off his critics as much as this guy? I mean, a lot of critics haaaated this movie at Cannes (just look at the meanest reviews!), and yet von Trier told Cineuropa, “I’m not sure if they hated it enough, though. If it gets too popular, I’ll have a problem.”

Perhaps the posters for the movie (h/t Birth.Movies.Death) will help give von Trier the angry response he so desires. In them, von Trier, along with his cast, pose in a series of unsettling, contorted positions. But the most twisted bit (literally) is how all four of Jack’s female victims are bound and deformed for our viewing pleasure. Scroll through below to see all seven one sheets:

OK, these are very disturbing, but I kinda expected worse from von Trier, like blood-splattered women with their limbs torn off or something exceptionally gruesome and deeply offensive. Regardless, you got to give it to the marketing team at von Trier’s Zentropa; they know how to ramp up buzz around his films, positive or negative.

The House That Jack Built also stars Uma Thurman, Riley Keough, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Sofie Gråbøl, and Bruno Ganz.  IFC is distributing the film in the U.S., but they’ve yet to announce a release date.

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