Whether or not you're on board (heh) with the new series, it's hard to deny that ABC's 'Last Resort' had one of the most intriguing, thrilling and explosive pilot episodes of any series we've seen in years. That said, the big question remains if the series can maintain it's stellar premise beyond the nuclear-powered pilot, so what does episode 2, "Blue On Blue" have to offer? Will Captain Chaplin find his new role at the head of an independent nuclear nation going up in smoke? Check out an early preview now!

Why wait until this Thursday to see if ABC's hot-button new drama 'Last Resort' has what it takes to continue all the buzz built up around the explosive pilot episode, "Captain"? ABC has released the first full 15 minutes from the upcoming second episode "Blue On Blue," which explores the fallout of the tense climax of the series first episode. Namely, the crew of the USS Colorado have officially made their stand against the United States, but how long before the nations erupt in open war?

What lengths will either side go to resolve the conflict? Will more nukes be fired, or is a diplomatic solution in the cards? We'll definitely be watching this Thursday, so check out the first-look clip below and give us your thoughts on the new series 'Last Resort' in the comments!

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