It’s Monday, which means it's time for even more Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise leaks. Proving no single company is safe from the deluge of discoveries of just what's in the box in the storeroom at your local Walmart/Target/Toys ‘R Us, LEGO’s upcoming slate of TFA pieces has been loosed upon the world. Seven different building kits will be available for the first time on Force Friday (Sept. 4), and unlike the Hasbro figure leaks we’ve seen, all of LEGO’s purported products are focused exclusively on the new film.

While there are no prices or piece counts available on these preliminary images, we do still get more than a sense of what to expect from each build, and what all the new figures will look like. There are seven planned sets to kick off the line, including the familiar Millennium Falcon making a return appearance for the first time since the original trilogy version was retired by LEGO. The new Falcon shares some similarities with the 7965 model previously released, but there are some design differences throughout that are immediately visible on the exterior. Unfortunately, there's no imagery of the interior, so we don't know what kind of changes are in store for the ship's quarters.

The new sets coming include several vehicles we've seen already in trailers like Rey's Speeder, the new TIE fighter and Poe Dameron's X-Wing fighter. There's also a new set for Kylo Ren's shuttle, which can be seen briefly in existing footage, but here we get a much clearer sense of the ship's design and style. Two all-new vehicles make their debuts, including the First Order Snowspeeder and the First Order Transporter. A snowspeeder with an open roof seems a little more than counterintuitive, but the villains of this series have never been the smartest trees in the pod. The transporter set's big draw is the inclusion of a Captain Phasma figure. Otherwise, but it's actually a rather boring build. It's almost too Spartan to really stand out in a collection of otherwise unique ships and vehicles.

More pricing details should be available closer to launch, but you can probably expect the Millennium Falcon to be the priciest piece, and the snowspeeder and Rey's speeder to be on the lower end of the scale.