Most people who have hit shows, indie accolades, and scads of awards and nominations before the age of 30 would probably take the time to attend their high school reunions and check in with their former compatriots. Do you have a hit show, guy from English class? You, the girl who was mean to me in P.E., were you nominated for an Emmy? But Lena Dunham isn't like that, and the star and creator of 'Girls' didn't even bother to attend her own high school reunion.

On last night's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' Dunham revealed to host Jimmy Kimmel what she did instead: she hung out in a diner. Honestly, this sounds pretty sensible. Dunham also updated Kimmel on some of her other activities, like writing 'Archie' comics and going to the Emmys. You know, totally normal stuff like that. Maybe she'll attend her next reunion, if only to share some 'Archie' secrets.

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