If you're going to remake something, you might as well take on a film that was never particularly good to begin with. That makes the longrunning (and consistently awful) 'Leprechaun' series perfect for a reset. With the right talent behind the camera, maybe some good can be mined out of one of the horror genre's worst franchises. But who will sit behind the camera and direct the latest misadventure of a psychopathic, murderous leprechaun? We now know.

According to The Wrap, Zach Lipovsky has been hired by Lionsgate and WWE films to helm the project. If Lipovsky's name rings a bell, you may be one of the few people who remember him from the Steven Spielberg-produced reality TV show 'On the Lot,' which saw amateur filmmakers going head-to-head to win a development deal with DreamWorks. To his credit, he's kept busy since that auspicious beginning, balancing a visual effects career with plenty of made-for-TV movies.

In other words, the story isn't so much "Reality TV Star Directing 'Leprechaun' Remake!" as much as it is "Journeyman Director Finally Gets His Big Break." It's debatable if a 'Leprechaun' remake is something to get excited about, but this is a business where's it's possible to spin straw into gold. We'll find a silver lining in there somewhere.

Although the direction of this remake/reboot/re-whatever remain under wraps (it's safe to assume that it'll involve a killer Leprechaun), we know that original series star Warwick Davis will be replaced with WWE performer Hornswoggle. None of this sounds particularly promising on the outside, but let's be optimistic: there's no way this film could ever be nearly as awful as 'Leprechaun 4: In Space' or 'Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood.' Hey, silver lining!