Every time I open up Google Chrome, the browser shows me my favorite websites for quick and easy clicking. Currently (and consistently) my top five sites are Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and Letterboxd. I loooooove Letterboxd. And today, this fantastic site, a social network for film lovers, finally got its own app.

If you watch a lot of movies, and like connecting with others who watch a lot of movies, Letterboxd is for you. Fundamentally, it’s a place where you can log everything you see, and, if you want, rate and review the stuff you see as well. Then you can connect with friends and other cinephiles, and comment on each others’ reviews. You can also make ranked or unranked lists, and keep tabs on what the people in your network have been watching and liking.

It’s a beautifully designed site, and in my line of work, where I’m watching so much stuff and want to keep track of it all in one place, Letterboxd has become indispensable. (If you want to follow me, you can find my page here.) But until now, Letterboxd was just a website; you could access it on your phone, but only through a web browser. Now they’ve got their own full-fledged app (just for iPhone to start), and it’s terrific. You can track your movies, and find out what others are up to, and see all your activity.

The Letterboxd app is totally free, although you can upgrade to a paid account on the Letterboxd website should you want to get a few extra features. At the very least, though, definitely check out this app. I’m already using it as much as the main site. (If you’re having trouble finding it in the App Store, go to Letterboxd.com/App, where you’ll find a direct link to download it.)