As much as we miss 'Chuck,' and particularly 'Firefly' (yes, we realize it's almost 10 years old), it's nice that the always fan-friendly Adam Baldwin has the freedom to come and go on TV as he pleases.  We recently saw Baldwin reuniting with former 'Firefly' co-star Nathan Fillion for an episode of 'Castle,' so what will Baldwin next pop up as on TNT's 'Leverage?'  And what former co-star will he join this time?

TVGuide reports the famous on-screen tough-guy Adam Baldwin has been tapped for a (potentially recurring) appearance on TNT's caper drama 'Leverage,' now entering its fifth season.  Baldwin will play Col. Michael Vance, an ex-Army Ranger who now runs a government counter-terrorism unit, and frequently riles other intelligence community bureaucrats with his unorthodox method of recruiting small teams of agents, sometimes civilians.

Though his episode won't premiere until the fall, Baldwin will join former 'Angel' star Christian Kane, both having appeared in the Joss Whedon-helmed series' final season.  In addition to the 'Angel' connection, Baldwin previously had a role in 'Ordinary People,' the film that won 'Leverage' star Timothy Hutton an Oscar.  Baldwin also maintains a long-standing working relationship with 'Leverage' executive producer Dean Devlin.

"Leverage' will premiere its fifth season on Sunday, July 15, though as we mentioned Baldwin won't appear until fall episode "The Rundown Job."  Plenty of time for a return appearance on 'Castle,' right?  Sigh, us Whedon geeks can dream.

What say you?  Are you intrigued to see what Adam Baldwin brings to the table on 'Leverage?'  Sound off, or give us your favorite Adam Baldwin moment in the comments!