It's too bad that Tobey Maguire lost his role in Ang Lee's 'Life of Pi,' because from what we're seeing in these new international trailers, it's going to be truly spectacular.

We already got a look at the upcoming film and potential Oscar contender back when the first trailer and movie stills hit the Web. While the first footage throws us right in the middle of the action with a powerful storm hitting the protagonist's ship filled with zoo animals, one of the new trailers takes the flashback approach.

It starts off with an image of an older Pi Patel (played by Irrfan Khan) conveying his life's story of his family attempting to move their zoo half way around the world to an inquiring writer. Cut to the scene we're all now familiar with when the raging storm hits and a younger Pi (played by Suraj Sharma) is left stranded on an escape raft in the middle of the sea with a hungry tiger. And what we get is more fantastical imagery and a closer look into the mind of Pi as he awaits his rescue.

The second international trailer links together memories of Pi's childhood before the shipwreck with moments of his isolation with the tiger. You can check out both trailers below in succession.

'Life of Pi' hits theaters November 21, 2012.

UPDATE -- The 'Life of Pi' international trailer is also the US theatrical trailer, which was only recently released. Check it out below.