Back in August, voice actor extraordinaire Billy West began posting audio clips of his Futurama character Zapp Brannigan, a sort of Captain Kirk if Captain Kirk was a total dope, reading actual quotes from Presidential candidate Donald Trump. It was an unsettlingly perfect fit.

With Trump recently engaging in the first of several debates with his opponent, Hillary Clinton, West returned to Twitter to sample a few of Trump’s “highlights” from Monday night and to reframe them as Zapp Brannigan exclamations. Such as:

A+ for pairing the sniffle with the word “stamina.” And here’s another choice excerpt.

Zapp Brannigan would 100 percent be afraid of “the cyber.” He wouldn’t know what it was. But he would fear it.

Bonus! Here’s a Zapp Trumpigan quote from a few weeks ago, featuring a guest appearance from Zapp’s old sidekick, Kif (voiced by the great Maurice LaMarche, who you may also know as the Brain from Pinky and the Brain).

Does Billy West take requests? I want to hear him do the Rosie O’Donnell quote next. And then the quote about the Miss Universe contestant who he repeatedly insulted because she was “the absolute worst.” (A Kif groan would go very nicely in that one as well.) And then I want West do do an entire show of an animated Trump who talks like Zapp Brannigan. Maybe he can receive a visit from the ghost of Richard Nixon, voiced by Billy West as well.

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