Anybody who’s undergone protracted exposure to children in the past decade knows Dora the Explorer all too well. They know her freakish oversized head, topping her diminutive figure like a globe perched on a column. They know her piercing, high-pitched voice, promoting bilingual skills and inviting children to speak to their televisions. They know her compatriots, from talking monkey Boots to her talking map and talking backpack, not to mention her nemesis, the thieving weasel Swiper. (Who, of course, talks. A high premium is placed on the ability to talk in the universe of Dora the Explorer.) Soon enough, however, those of us who aren’t required to care for or otherwise interact with children on a regular basis will be unable to escape Dora’s rallying cry of “vamonos!

A new report from Deadline this morning states that Paramount has set a live-action feature adaptation of Dora the Explorer in motion with screenwriter Tom Wheeler locked in to draw up a script. Wheeler’s something of a hot commodity in the children’s-entertainment sector, having just been released from a contract with DreamWorks Animation, with whom he created the Puss in Boots film. Wheeler’s next writing credit will be for the supernatural action films B.O.O. (that’s the Bureau for Otherworldly Operations), and a select few readers may already know him as the creator of the late television program The Cape. He’ll bring Dora into the realm of flesh and blood for Paramount, though there’s no telling how casting directors for the studio will find an actress with the appropriate head-to-body proportions to fill the title role.

In addition to pint-sized Latina globetrotters, Wheeler will also turn his attention to even more pint-sized sci-fi heroes with another live-action treatment for Paramount. He’s agreed to pen the script for a full-on reboot of the dusty Micronauts franchise, based on the four-inch action figures that spawned a line of successful comic books. This’ll mark the first time that the Micronauts will appear onscreen in any iteration, a goal that Paramount’s been working toward for years now. No release date has been eyed for either property at the present time.

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