When the first teaser images for Logan landed online last fall, there was something particularly intriguing about them — aside from the fact that this is Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine, of course. The photos were mostly in black and white, leading some to suspect that maybe the film itself was black and white. That suspicion was laid to rest with the arrival of the first teaser, but it might not have been entirely off.

A fan reached out to director James Mangold on Twitter today to plead for a black and white version of Logan. Here’s what Mangold had to say about that:

So it looks like we may get to see a black and white version of Logan eventually, not much different from George Miller’s Black & Chrome edition of Mad Max: Fury Road. Logan wasn’t shot in black and white, but those teaser photos (several of which were professionally taken by Mangold himself and looked quite striking) made a solid case for presenting the film that way.

And judging by early reviews (including a positive one from our own Matt Singer), Logan feels very much like a western in style, tone and story. That’s not surprising coming from Mangold, but it also supports the idea of a black and white version.

Logan hits theaters this Friday, March 3.

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