We’ve seen several new teaser images from Logan over the past couple of weeks, and while we’ve gotten sneak peeks at the film’s setting and first looks at new characters, there’s one that’s been glaringly absent: The titular hero himself. That changed today, as director James Mangold shared our first look at Hugh Jackman’s return for the upcoming Wolverine sequel — which, as you know, will be his final outing in the X-Men franchise.

Mangold shared the new image on Twitter, revealing an older, (more) hardened Wolverine — he’s got a few battle scars, and his hair is decidedly un-Logan-like:

Like other recent images he’s shared, this one is a beautiful portrait that was professionally taken by Mangold himself. This past week, the director also debuted similar images of Patrick Stewart as a much, much older Professor X, and Stephen Merchant as Caliban — a mutant whose ability to detect others that carry the genome should come in handy.

Meanwhile, the official Instagram account has given us sneak peeks at some of the film’s villains, including Boyd Holbrook as Pierce (as in Donald Pierce), and one of the Reavers — a group of genetically-modified mutant cyborgs led by Holbrook’s character. Fox has yet to release an official synopsis for the upcoming sequel, which also stars Richard E. Grant and hits theaters on March 3, 2017.