The new Wolverine sequel — officially titled Logan — is reportedly based in part on Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan comic-book series, and though yesterday we learned that the eponymous hero is definitely older and slightly weaker in the film, it’s Professor X who’s looking worse for wear. Director James Mangold revealed a new photo of a much, much older-looking Patrick Stewart, who’s reprising his role as the leader of the X-Men for Hugh Jackman’s final outing.

The new image, which Mangold shared on Twitter, certainly lends some credence to the notion that this could also be Stewart’s final X-Men film — fitting, as both he and Jackman entered the series together:

It’s the closest thing we’ve gotten so far to an official first look at Stewart’s return as Charles Xavier — as Mangold notes, this is a professional photo he took of the veteran actor, looking more the part here than ever before. He’s clearly been aged up a bit, and Mangold intentionally used a camera and style that would highlight those details.

Just yesterday, the first official poster for the new Wolverine sequel made its way online. Jackman subsequently confirmed the title to be Logan, while Mangold shared a page from the script, which offered a few details about the upcoming film. Notably, that Jackman’s Wolverine is a bit older and healing much more slowly (sometimes not at all), and that Professor X isn’t doing so great, either.

The pair are joined in the sequel by Richard E. Grant (reportedly playing Mister Sinister), Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Eriq La Salle. Logan is set to hit theaters on March 3, 2017.

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