The Hellboy reboot is close to finding a home. Lionsgate is close to picking up Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen (hell yeah), which will star Stranger ThingsDavid Harbour in the title role.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate is about to seal a deal with Dark Horse and director Neil Marshall for the film, which is expected to start shooting this fall. THR also notes how each film based on this property has been released by a completely different studio: Hellboy in 2004 was put out by Sony, and 2008’s Hellboy: The Golden Army was a Universal production.

And, hey, “Rise of the Blood Queen” is a pretty awesome subtitle, and corresponds to a really awesome storyline in the comics. The Queen of Blood is also known as Nimue, lover of Merlin, who imprisoned her mentor and stole his magic. She was later driven insane by her lust for power that drove her to worship the Ogdru Jahad (those weird Apocalyptic serpent-monsters from the first movie). She was cut to pieces by a group of fellow witches who saw that she was bad news for, like, the whole world, but because the pieces of her would always find their way back together, Iron Giant-style, they were placed in a box and buried beneath the earth. Spoiler alert: she gets out. If that’s the story they’re starting out with, I think we can all get a little more excited for this movie.

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