Neil Marshall

Ian McShane Joins David Harbour in the ‘Hellboy’ Reboot
Ian McShane is on quite a roll these days. From his appearance on the last season of Game of Thrones, to his minor but o less enigmatic character in the John Wick movies, to the ever-possible Deadwood revival, to playing a literal deity in Starz’s American Gods, McShane has been getting all t…
New ‘Hellboy’ Will Embrace Practical Effects, R Rating
How about some good news? While the fact that the next Hellboy movie we’re gonna see won’t involve either Guillermo del Toro or Ron Perlman, new director Neil Marshall (Game of Thrones) is on the right track to keep fans of the comics happy. He recently explained that his Hellboy will …
'Lost in Space' Confirms Netflix Reboot Coming in 2018
We’ll say this for the Robinson family, they sure take their sweet time getting anywhere. After initial 2014 development, as well landing on Netflix late last year, a new Lost in Space is finally confirmed for a series order, under the watchful eye of Dracula Untold and Hannibal vets.
'Lost in Space' TV Reboot Lands On Netflix Streaming
Netflix and danger, Will Robinson! It's been some time since we've heard from the proposed Lost in Space TV reboot, but with Netflix having missed its chance for a new Star Trek, the family Robinson will have to do. The streaming site has apparently won rights to the iconic franchise reboo…

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