In news that absolutely in no way connects to Back to the Future, yet overwhelmingly feels designed to coincide with Back to the Future, Lord and Miller will be getting into the time travel game. The Lego Movie pair have begun development on yet another FOX comedy with In Time, in which presumably, at least someone will head back to a future. At some point. I mean, you have to give us that.

Per TVInsider, the only duo we’d potentially trust with Back to the Future’s … well, future, will instead develop In Time for FOX with The Grinder writer Julius Sharpe. We shouldn’t expect any DeLoreans (thought I wouldn’t rule out the reference, should things move forward), but the single-camera sitcom will follow three friends with mundane lives who wind up experiencing the adventure of time travel. Simple enough.

Lest you think Lord and Miller busy enough, the pair continue producing Will Forte’s Last Man on Earth, developing both a Serial TV series and the hybrid-animated Son of Zorn, all atop Star WarsHan Solo prequel. Time will tell if In Time gets off the ground, but does the thought of Lord and Miller dipping into those waters, or at least the topical relevance excite your future self?