We all know that Jean-Ralphio's role on 'Parks and Recreations' was just a cover for the foremost Trotskyite, but did you know that Louis C.K. once went toe to toe with Marlon Brando in that actor's most famous scene? Or that he won an Oscar as a small town sheriff in 'In the Heat of the Night'?

The other day we were watching the Sergio Leone classic 'Duck, You Sucker' (also known as 'A Fistful of Dynamite') and we came to realize that Rod Steiger -- who "supposedly" died in 2002 -- had finally developed a sense of humor, and became one of the foremost comedians of our time. This is probably all due to Steiger being a method actor, and his reinvention was so complete that nobody noticed this about the star of 'Louie'  until now.