Split marked quite a comeback for a director whose name has lately been synonymous with huge disappointments. But by contrast, Split is a slick, thrilling superhero movie, and one of M. Night Shyamalan’s best in years. It’s still making waves at the box office and, riding off its success, the director already has a sequel planned that’s actually more like the third in a trilogy. If you haven’s seen Split yet, be aware that there are pretty major SPOILERS for the end of the movie from here on out.

Shyamalan tweeted about his plans, saying that he already had an outline ready for what will probably be a sequel to Split.

Fans of Shyamalan will know that Split is not his first venture into superhero moviemaking. That would be Unbreakable, a film starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson about a man who realizes he has superpowers after a huge accident. Willis’ character appears at the very end of Split, linking the two films together and promising a return to the world in the form of a sequel/threequel.

It was a really ballsy movie on Shyamalan’s part to tie his new movie in with one of his best, but Split is not only good, it’s making bank at the box office, so his gambit paid off. This is Shyamalan we’re talking about, so we might not be able to expect any sort of announcement anytime soon. The man is notoriously secretive about his projects, and no wonder, since so much of his films rely on their shocking third-act twists.

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