What, you thought Lethal Weapon the only iconic ‘80s property getting the TV reboot treatment today? What a story, Mark. In any case, there’s no inventing around this one, as Furious 7 helmer James Wan has in mind to reboot MacGyver for CBS, at long last.

Per Entertainment Weekly, Wan will finally bring his vision for a younger MacGyver to the screen, following an early 2009 attempt at a movie reboot, and plenty further attempts beyond that. So reads the proposed new concept:

A reimagining of the television series of the same name, following a 20-something MacGyver as he gets recruited into a clandestine organization where he uses his knack for solving problems in unconventional ways to help prevent disasters from happening.

Intellectual property, super-genius, and crimes to solve? Not that anything’s changed since 1985, but you’ll fit right in, MacGruber MacGyver. Also worth noting, while Wan himself would helm the pilot episode, CBS vet Scott Gemmill would showrun, under executive producers Michael Clear and Henry Winkler (yes, that Henry Winkler).

For those unaware, the original MacGyver starred Richard Dean Anderson and ran for an impressive seven seasons on ABC, preceding two made-for-TV movies in the ‘90s. Not only that, but The WB (that’s The CW, young whippersnappers) even attempted a Young MacGyver with a pre-Supernatural Jared Padalecki, ultimately passing on the project.

Who next will enter the carnival of TV reboots? MacGyver stands alone, but Manimal surely can’t be far behind.

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