There’s a lot to appreciate in Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller’s expansive action masterpiece, which I’m going to assume you’ve all seen already — and if not, stop reading this and go do that. The extended chase sequences, the flame-throwing guitarist, the immersive world of fire and blood; there’s so much to love about this film. But the stunts are one of the most impressive parts. Miller didn’t rely too heavily on CG, and the majority of the stunts are the work of real people, like Charlize Theron’s stuntwoman Dayna Grant, who shared some pretty fantastic behind the scenes images from the set.

Grant shared the images below on her Twitter account, showing off Furiosa’s monstrous War Rig, as well as Grant’s robotic arm and a really awesome photo taken from inside a flaming vehicle, of a motorcyclist flying through the air. I mean. Come on. This is great. It’s also cool to see the camera crew attached to vehicles and preparing to shoot action sequences, getting dangerously up close and personal to the stunts.

Grant had already established a working relationship with Theron, serving as her stuntwoman on Snow White and the Huntsman. And you may have seen her work in films like Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (where she doubled for Rhona Mitra) and Peter Jackson’s King Kong.

There’s some really impressive stunt work in Fury Road, particularly with the pole work — and yes, those are real people swinging on those poles on real moving vehicles. Miller was not messing around on this one.

Mad Max: Fury Road is in theaters right now, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you really have no excuse.