'Mad Men' season 6 will undoubtedly keep silent on spoilers right through the April 7 premiere, but that doesn't mean its stars and producers are staying mum on the promotional material released so far. Series star and "little" troublemaker Jon Hamm recently spoke to reporters to answer questions about the acclaimed AMC drama's artsy new poster, and what it says about the character going forward into season 6, so get the latest intel on 'Mad Men' season 6 inside!

Even with the many potential clues littered throughout the 'Mad Men' season 6 poster, we haven't the foggiest idea where the next 13 episodes will take the employees of Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce. Production always keeps a notoriously tight lid on the proceedings, but series star Jon Hamm was kind enough to offer insight into the season's painted poster, speaking to reporters at a recent LA press junket (via Zap2It):

The central motif of it obviously is these two versions of this one man crossing. Which one are we supposed to be following? One of them is with somebody and one of them is not. I think that shouldn't be lost on people. One of them has a briefcase in his hand, one of them doesn't. It's a very rich image. There's a one way sign, there's a stop sign, there's a lot of things.

Those aren't mistakes. Matt [Weiner] was very involved in the choosing of this particular image and finding the artist he wanted. He wanted this specific style of art...This is chaotic and different and in may ways kind of suggests the world we're moving into [on the show]. Bright colors and crazy tones and a lot going on.

Hamm also opened up about the cryptic ending of season 5 finale "The Phantom," which sees Don pondering a beautiful stranger's question of him being alone, a theme that would assuredly continue into season 6. "We open [Season 6] with a man sitting in paradise reading about hell, and I think that's an interesting juxtaposition," said the actor. "We see it in the key art, and as the season progresses you'll see a lot of dualities and two sides of this person. We also ended last season with Don leaving Megan in the spotlight and retreating to the shadow. I think that's significant."

Ever-cryptic to be sure, but we'll certainly tune in to see where Don Draper takes us next when 'Mad Men' unveils its sixth season on Sunday, April 7. What say you? Do you think Don Draper will return to his shadowy ways this season? Check out the most recent preview, and tell us what you want to see from new episodes of 'Mad Men' in the comments!

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