For as long as 'Mad Men' has been on the air, AMC has kept spoilers from the acclaimed period drama under a tight lid, while series creator Matthew Weiner frequently subverts expectation with his writing. Even so, a new fan theory has begun making the rounds that the infamous cult of death surrounding 'Mad Men' will soon claim the life of a major character this season via murder most foul, and the evidence is pretty compelling!

The most recent major character death during the fifth season of 'Mad Men' generated a host of rewatch and analysis that provided startling clues and foreshadowing of the character's ultimate fate. Now, via Uproxx, we've learned of a compelling new fan theory about another major death set to take place this season, that of Jessica Pare's Megan Draper, and the mounting evidence has proven difficult to ignore.

The theory first appeared over Reddit when a user pointed out Megan's skimpy sleeping attire from Sunday's "The Better Half" identically matched (Warning: NSFW) that of model/actress Sharon Tate from a 1967 Esquire photoshoot, who was herself murdered in 1969 by followers of infamous serial killer Charles Manson in a home invasion. 'Mad Men' naturally wouldn't transplant Tate's exact fate onto Megan, but the season's rising violence, recent stabbing, home invasion, and blaring police sirens of Megan's aforementioned scene lend the theory significant credibility.

Also worth noting is that 'Mad Men' costume designer Janie Bryant admitted over Twitter that Megan's attire in the scene was "no coincidence," but whether the outfit proves a simple homage or a dark omen remains to be seen. After all, both Don and Megan have plenty of people they've crossed over the past season, and their apartment had already been invaded once this year. Let's not forget the police presence in the season 6 poster either!

What say you? Could 'Mad Men' take a dark turn in the next few weeks with Megan Draper's fate, or are fans grasping at straws? Watch the preview for next Sunday's "A Tale of Two Cities" below, and give us your theories in the comments!