'Mad Men' season 6 will premiere with a two-hour event on Sunday, April 7, but you might not know it from AMC's lockdown on new footage. Despite a few spoilery leaks from the premiere the network has largely kept to reusing season 5 footage in its most recent trailers, but what are people saying about the newest look at Don Draper's sixth year? Do we finally sneak a peek at the the new episodes?

Oh 'Mad Men' season 6, how you vex us with your tight spoiler control. Sure, plenty of set photos make their way to the internet, and even a few reports from those in possession of critic screeners, but what will the acclaimed AMC drama show us with its latest preview?

TVGuide managed to get its hands on the newest trailer for 'Mad Men' season 6, in advance of the upcoming premiere on April 7. As expected, the trailer offers absolutely nothing in the way of new footage, re-cutting together snippets from season 5, but in way that certainly suggests Don Draper will be looking for more happiness above all.

Will the state of Don and Megan's marriage be in disrepair by the end of 'Mad Men's April 7 premiere? Will anyone be sporting worse grooming habits than Pete Campbell's sideburns? How much fat does Fat Betty have left? Watch the latest trailer for 'Mad Men' season 6 below, and give us your predictions in the comments!