We’ve all imagined our fair share of Mad Men theories, particularly with just over a week until the series finale. Series creator Matthew Weiner keeps notoriously tight-lipped about any and all spoilers, but his most recent Conan appearance broached one of the crazier theories, and even teased Don Draper’s end in a new clip from the final Mad Men.

Speaking to Conan of the impending Mad Men series finale, Matthew Weiner touched on some of the more elaborate conspiracy theories fans of the series have produced, particularly one that suggests Don will eventually become real-life historical figure D.B. Cooper, who stole a large sum of money and parachuted from a plane in 1971, only to never be seen or heard from again.

Weiner’s reason for skirting the D.B. Cooper ending carries a surprising ring of truth to it, though the revered showrunner does offer up a compromise, providing Conan with an exclusive clip from the Mad Men series finale. It’s a brief look, but one that also ties into another theory fans have maintained since the opening credits of the series pilot.

Mad Men’s penultimate hour will air this coming Sunday, while you can check out Matthew Weiner’s Conan contribution above.

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