All of a sudden the cast for Disney's 'Maleficent' is growing in leaps and bounds, and the project has added two of the U.K.'s best actresses to the mix alongside star Angelina Jolie.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, veteran British thespians Imelda Staunton and Miranda Richardson have joined the cast of the film, which tells the story of the evil queen (Jolie) who cast the spell that turned 16-year-old Princess Aurora into Sleeping Beauty. Like just about every other working actor in the U.K., Staunton and Richardson have both appeared in the 'Harry Potter' series, playing Dolores Umbridge and Rita Skeeter respectively.

In 'Maleficent,' Staunton will play Knotgrass, one of two pixies who take care of Sleeping Beauty. The other, Flittle, will be played by 'Another Year' star Lesley Manville. Richardson, meanwhile, will portray Maleficent's aunt, Queen Ulla, who is not particularly fond of her niece.

Aside from Jolie, the movie will also star Elle Fanning as Aurora and Sharlto Copley of 'District 9' fame as Stefan, described as the "half-human, half-fairy bastard son of the human king." The latter will be played by Kenneth Cranham.

First-time director Robert Stromberg will be behind the camera when the movie starts rolling next month for a 2013 release. With the cast that is coming together for this, consider 'Maleficent' officially on our radar for 2014!