The Guillermo del Toro-produced horror flick 'Mama' marked Andy Muschietti's directorial debut and about an $89.2 million box office payoff -- and there are still 43 territories or so to see the film. With all this success, it's only natural for Universal to want to maximise their profit by shelling out a 'Mama 2,' and it looks like the studio is already planning such a move. Too bad it'll most likely be without Muschietti behind the wheel.

Universal Pictures’ president of international David Kosse, who was interested and "creeped out" by the project to begin with, spoke with ScreenDaily about 'Mama' and future prospects. "We think there’s potential for a 'Mama' franchise. We’d like to do another one. But those conversations are in the early stages. 'Mama' is the first of this type of model that we’ve had enormous success with so there are more opportunities for this kind of film."

Even if a 'Mama 2' and a subsequent franchise are created based off of Muschietti's horror flick, it'll probably be with a new director. If you'll recall back when 'Mama' was first released in theaters, Muschietti told ScreenCrush that he doesn't see this hypothetical franchise getting made:

We sort of wore out the subject matter…I never thought this could continue. Sequels are always tricky. I know how studios think but I don’t see ‘Mama’ as something you can exploit because you’re screwing with the original. I’m really hoping to jump into some other movies right now.

Some of these other projects he mentioned are two other horror films and one sci-fi comedy, so it doesn't look like he'll be boarding 'Mama 2' in the near future. And Guillermo del Toro probably won't want to take over as he's got too many projects to count. Plus, as we mentioned before, Jessica Chastain is currently on an awards season high and the studio might run into difficulties getting her to sign on for a sequel. So while Universal only "wants" to make more films at this point, will they actually get made?

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