Politics aside, one couldn’t overlook The Man in the High Castle Season 2 arriving at a timely moment when fear of fascist takeover grips the country. Amazon’s alternate-reality drama can’t seem to stop courting controversy with its use of Nazi themes, and now a tie-in “Resistance Radio” has drawn fire from supporters interpreting its message as anti-Trump.

For context, Amazon’s Man in the High Castle takes place in an alternate 1960s reality, wherein Germany and Japan won World War II, dividing up America into Japan’s western “Pacific States” and Germany’s East Coast “Greater Nazi Reich.” After Season 2's end, Amazon launched a “Resistance Radio” series on YouTube, featuring “bootleg songs” and DJs urging listeners to stand up to the Nazis’ authoritarian rule.

Somehow, this message was perceived as anti-Trump.

As such, a #ResistanceRadio hashtag made its way to Twitter, wherein troll farms staunch defenders of the current regime quickly took to putting down those poor, Amazon-subscribing snowflakes (via AV Club):

For what it’s worth, this isn’t the first time The Man in the High Castle has ended up conflated with reality, as an ill-planned advertising campaign for the first season adorned New York subways with both Nazi and Japanese flags, somewhat devoid of context. Here’s how Amazon officially describes it tie-in broadcast, which will also feature an SXSW presence:

Resistance Radio extends this world where pirate radio stations broadcast in secret from basements, boats and pickup trucks. Resistance Radio DJs—Miss Evangeline, Bob Montez and Jake Rumiel—host four hours of narrative storytelling, broadcasting the Resistance movement’s underground message to all; with the hope that they can keep the memory of a former America alive. It is a companion to the Emmy-winning show The Man in the High Castle.

Resistance Radio features classic 1960s songs reimagined for the world of The Man in the High Castle by noted producers Sam Cohen and Danger Mouse, along with some of today’s most popular indie and alternative artists.

Amazon hasn’t yet issued any response to the Resistance Radio backlash, though Man in the High Castle Season 3 will keep the alt-Reich front and center later this year.

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