Bryan Cranston recently indicated that he would be more than happy to shave his head (again) to potentially play the villainous Lex Luthor in 'Man of Steeel 2.' While there's no concrete evidence to suggest he's been offered the job or that Luthor will even appear in the sequel, it's still a fun question to ponder. Would the man who broke bad so well on TV be an ideal nemesis for Superman?

Cranston has made being evil look very good these last few years on 'Breaking Bad.' The character of Walter White did not start out evil, of course, though he's all but completely blackhearted now, and a more convincing portrayal of corruption is hard to find anywhere else. It also helps that we still see flashes of humanity from Cranston in the role, glimpses of who Walter White once was, which makes the character so much more interesting.

That same kind of complexity is required to bring Lex to life on the big screen. Now, it's probable that Cranston's name has been tossed about simply because he's been both bald and nasty these past handful of years (same goes for Mark Strong), but there's also no denying what a fantastic actor the man is. It's almost a certainty that if he were announced as Lex Luthor, you wouldn't hear much argument from the fanboys.

So what do you think? Would Bryan Cranston make a good Lex Luthor, assuming the character will show up in the new movie?